03 April 2008

Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery

Again, I apologize for my lack of updates. Between school, two small jobs, and an internship, I've been super-busy. I have a handful of cupcake recipes that I'm very anxious to try out but haven't really had the opportunity to do so. My friend, Amy, has an apartment and has graciously offered her kitchen to me a number of times...but I just haven't gone for it. Granted, we've baked some tasty shortbread, pie, and cookie, but I've stayed away from cupcakes. Once I'm home for summer, I'll be baking up a cupcake storm :)
Anyway, I'm a little off-topic. So...

My internship involves traveling to a number of schools in Delaware County and today's lesson was at Tyler Run in Powell, Ohio. A couple months ago, I read about a cupcake bakery in Powell and so I mentioned this to Ashley, the prevention educator I was observing today. Surprisingly, she had noticed the little bakery on her trips out to this particular school. Ashley said we could possibly stop on our way back to the office, but I figured she'd forget or decide against the idea. Fortunately, I assumed wrong! Pink Moon Bakery is located in a small building [formerly a home] in Powell, Ohio. The smell of cupcakes was AMAZING and I think my mouth began watering before we even walked in the door. The room had a long table that was covered in an assortment of cupcakes - Buckeye [chocolate with peanut butter frosting], Pumpkin Buttercream, Apple Crumb, and more. After a good 10 minutes or so of debating, Ashley and I finally settled on our cupcakes. Ashley went with a Pretty, Pretty Princess for Julie [vanilla with vanilla frosting and a "Diva" ring on top], Raspberry Margarita, Devil's Food with Buttercream, and Chocolate with Vanilla Frosting. I also went with Devil's Food, along with Snickerdoodle with Buttercream, and Strawberry [which had real pieces of strawberry in the cupcake!].
Back at the office, we all dug in and I thought Julie was going to die [from happiness, of course]. These cupcakes are reall
y good...really good. My only complaint was the frosting to cake ratio. I prefer more cake than frosting and these are the complete opposite. I ended up ditching a lot of the frosting, as did Ashley. Now I'm not saying the frosting wasn't enjoyable...it was DELICIOUS, just a little too much for my liking.
I enjoyed my strawberry cupcake at the office and a co-worker took the Snickerdoodle one [she wasn't aware the second box belonged to me, rather than to the agency...]. Yes, I was a little bummed, but I'm very glad she enjoyed it. The only reason I bought three cupcakes was because I couldn't make up my mind. I would have had far too many cupcakes, so that mishap was for the best. I have yet to try my devil's food cupcake, but my roommate, Claire, and I were both dipping our fingers into the silky and light frosting...

I may end up going back tomorrow...one of the specials for Friday is a Coconut cupcake with Coconut frosting...Hmmmm...

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